Situation of the Amazighs in Tunisia

Speakers of Tamazight Tamezret

Amazigh identity is still not recognized in the Tunisian Constitution

Tunisian law prohibits any census based on ethnicity, language or religion. In the preamble and article 1 of its constitution, Tunisia keeps its people in the shackles of Islam, the religion of the occupier of Ifriqiya ⵉⴼⵔⵉⵇⵢⴰ, of Arab-Muslim identity.

This constitution states that "the people remain committed to religion and the principles of Islam. Tunisia is a free, independent and sovereign state, Islam is its religion, Arabic its language and the Republic its regime", or that "Tunisia must participate in the unification of the Arab world". This constitution contravenes international law and is part of the Amazigh ethnocide, i.e. the programmed death of a language and a culture.

Linguistic studies of Berber speakers in Tunisia are almost non-existent, Amazigh books are still censored.

A multi-colonial linguistic linguicide policy

The Arabization policy initiated in 1956 partially Arabized the areas of Tamazret, Matmata, Guermassa, Guellala, Chenini, Douiret, Zraoua, Taoujout, Tamazret, Sedouikech, Ajim, Oued Zeib, Douiret, Ras El Oued, Bir Thlathine Jarjer, Ghomrassen, Toujane, Sened, Majoura, Ouesslat. These villages are gradually being Arabized.

A large number of toponyms have been "arabized" by official decision. Settlement continues to this day in the villages of Djerba.

The elderly continue to speak the Amazigh language, chelha is taught in some villages in the Matmata region.

Historically, the economic and social situation of disadvantaged regions has led to a massive rural exodus to the cities, primarily to Gabès, Sfax and Tunis since French colonization in the 1930s.

Tunisie Berbère is engaged in a process of popularization and reappropriation of the Amazigh identity in Tunisia.

Speakers of Amazigh languages in Tunisia (500,000) live mainly in southern Tunisia, in the high steppes of the Tellian Atlas and in the mountainous regions of the northwest of the country.

Locuteurs de Tamazight Tamezret